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      Minden designs are crafted to emphasize historicity and playability.  Designs cover a wide range of subjects, scales, eras, and game systems.  Our games have small footprints, but punch way beyond their size when it comes to wargaming fun.   With lower production costs (you must cut out the thick-card counters, and supply your own dice; games are packaged in zip-top bags), we can pass savings along to you.  

     Whether you enjoy traditional hexagon games, naval miniatures, solitaire designs, abstract political simulations, or all of the above, Minden games have the mix of historical insight, strategy, and high playability that you should expect from a wargame, at the right price.  Click on the covers (below) to find out more details.

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    Many current and out-of-print titles are available as PDF files.  Check them out by visiting the PDF FORMAT PAGE.

   ORDERING VIA AMAZON:  Many of our newer titles are sold as books on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.  This is an attractive option, especially if you live outside North America.  Click here to visit our Amazon page and find out all the details.

Medieval jousting game for 2 or more players (up to eight), 8 page rules, Jousting Matrix, 8 knight counters, no map; recreate your own tournament!  2011.
Available in pdf format

5th edition of this popular WWII tactical squad-level combat game variant is now available, and comes with 56-page illustrated rule booklet, eleven scenarios, DYO instructions. 2016.  
New 3rd ed., solitaire, tactical WWI naval game, 52 page full-color book includes 12 counter sheets, scenarios, rules, optional rules. Ships from Britain, Germany, Italy, France, Austria, Russia, Turkey, the USA, Japan, Spain, Sweden, and the Netherlands.  2019.

2nd ed. Vol. 1 of the series, tactical plane vs plane WW2 air combat card game, Battle of Britain 1940. Two-player with solo option, 40 page full color rule book with regular and optional rules, scenarios, 32 plane counters, Dogfight Display, and Reference Card in pages of the book. (If you want physical game components, order Bomber Command or Fighter Command.) 2017.
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Now available again in physical format.  Contains solitaire rules system for Combat Leader, plus map 6, 2 counter sheets (E & F), Reference Cards.  2018.
Solitaire issue game (tactical/operational) in of Panzerschreck #16, simulating loss of Prince of Wales & Repulse off Singapore, Dec. 1941.  2014.

Introductory, tactical WW2 naval game for two players. Now sold together with standard game, plus Expansion module.  Simple game with individually rated warships (BB, PB, CA, CL).  Two rule booklets in all (28 pages), 72 rated warships, Reference Card, tactical display.  2014. 

Solitaire WW2 naval
combat using the SALVO! game system, with German, French, Italian, and British fleets, 144 individually rated ships in all, plus full rules and scenarios, Ref Card, tactical display.  2015.
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46-page full color 8"x11" magazine with articles, game reviews, variants, plus three issue games:  Viking Fury, Battle over  Europe, and North Cape. ​Also includes small Combat Leader variant, adding dogs to the game (includes counters).  2019.


Panzer Digest #14

Finns vs Russians, 1939-40, with two maps (7 & 8), two counter sheets (G & H), Reference Card, 4 scenarios. Adds rules for Snow, special Finnish fighting characteristics. 2017 rules. 2017.

CSR Award 
winning magazine
Battleship Captain 3rd ed., comprehensive game of tactical naval combat, 1890-1945, ships from 20 countries, 375 ship classes. 2016.
Soft cover book containing facsimiles of all 1,500 warships available (1890-1945) for Battleship Captain, allowing you to photocopy and create scale counters. 2016.
Battleship Captain, 3rd Ed.
Battleship Captain Warship Counters, 1890-1945
Retro 5th ed. (special)
Vol. 5 of BoB series covers the early North African Campaign, plus includes all planes and campaign games originally included in Vols. 2, 3, & 4, plus new rules and new planes. 52 page full color book with planes, Dogfight Display, Ref Card within its pages. (For physical components, order Fighter Command, separately.) 2018.
Two-player game of tactical naval combat during the Great War, with 1/3000 scale ship counters, standard & advanced rules, scenarios.  2017.
Module for Battle over Britain, adding allied & axis bombers.  Dogfight Display, Ref Card, Bomber counter sheet (32 bombers), Battle over Britain counter sheet (32 planes). You must own BoB core rules to use this module. 2017.
Battle over Britain 2d
Bomber Command.
NavTav Coronel & Falklands.
Destruction of Force Z.
Panzerschiff & Expansion

Polish Campaign, September, 1939, Germans vs Poles.  Adds special rules for Polish squads, and German SS. Two maps (9 & 10), two counter sheets (J & K), Reference Cards, 5 scenarios, 2017 rules. 2017.  
Combat Leader: Poland.
Two-player game of tactical naval combat during the Great War, with 1/3000 scale ship counters, covering Battle of Dogger Bank, and more, with standard & advanced rules, scenarios.  2018.
Fighter Command contains all plane counter sheets from Battle over Britain, Tally Ho! Bomber Command, Battle over Europe, plus Dogfight Display, and Ref Card... but no core rules.  You must own game rules from a game in the system to use these components. 2019.
Tally Ho!.
Battle of Dogger Bank.
Beatles Diplomacy is a 52-page book containing a strategy, "diplomacy"-style game about the rise of the Beatles in the 1960s, for 3 to 6 players (solitaire rules included).  2018.

CL: Core Rules is a 52-page book contains all standard, advance, and optional rules for the entire CL system.   Use with any CL game or module, past or present.  Moving forward, we'll be making game components (and nationalities) available separately.  2018.

CL Sourcebook :Component Set A is a full-color book that includes all game components for use with CL: Core Rules book.  Covers German & Russian soldiers. Includes maps 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; counter sheets A, B, C, D; game marker sheet; three scenario cards (6 CL: East Front, and 2 CL Volkssturm scenarios); Ref Card; but no core rules. Scan the components, print, and play. 2018.

CL:Component Set B .  Includes game components for use with CL: Core Rules book. Covers German, Polish, Russian, and Finnish soldiers. Includes maps 6, 7, 8, 9, 10; counter sheets E, F, G, H, J, K;  game marker sheet; 5 CL: Poland and 4 CL: Winter War scenarios; Polish and Finnish squad rules & characteristics;  two Reference Cards; 12-page special rule/scenario booklet; but no core rules.  2018.
Panzer Digest Naval War Special 2108 is a 90-page book containing 3 naval wargames, plus gaming articles.  Games are Monitor vs Merrimack 1862, Tsushima 1905 1st ed., and Great War NavTac 1914. 2018.

Individual Combat Leader 
Game Components

Click the link to the left to order individual maps, counter sheets, and game material for the Combat Leader game system.
Masada: Epic Last Stand in the Desert is a 58-page book containing a simulation of the Roman siege of Masada, A.D. 73.  2018.
42-page book containing a WW2 tactical naval game for 2 players, using simplified Battleship Captain system, with full rules, River Plate, Denmark Strait, Mers-El-Kebir scenarios, 20 rated warships (BB, BC, CA, CL) at 1/4500 scale. Updates and expands the original 2011 game. Published 2018.

Several of our games are also currently available via Amazon (as noted on the AMAZON page).
CL: Component Set B
CL: Winter War
Adv. Salvo: Euro Theater
Combat Leader: Core Rules
Battle of the River Plate
Pz Digest naval War Special
Beatles Diplomacy
Many current and out-of-print Minden titles are available in PDF file format.  Check them out by visiting the PDF FORMAT PAGE.
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... plus several current titles, also available in PDF format.
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Tactical East Front infantry firefight game, pitting individual German and Russian soldiers against one another. 12-page rules, 2 maps (1 & 2), 2 counter sheets (A & B), Reference Cards, Scenario Cards, 2014 rules.  2014.
Fighter Command
Great War Salvo 3rd ed. component set, consisting of 12 counter sheets (#1 to 9, A, B, & C), Reference Card, but no rules.  For use with Great War Salvo! 3rd ed. 2019.
Upgrade for owners of GWS! 2nd ed.  Comes with four counter sheets (#3, 4, 9, and C) only. No rules or scenarios.  2019.
Battle over Europe covers the blitzkrieg era of WW2, with planes and scenarios covering warplanes from France, Britain, USSR, Germany, Italy, Finland. Comes with rules, tables, scenarios, plane counters.  This Zip Ed. was published in Pz Digest #14, and is identical with that. 2019.

CL: Ostkrieg includes game components to allow you to play--when using CL: Core Rules--the entire system. Includes maps 1, 2; counter sheets A, B, C; game marker sheet; three scenario cards (6 scenarios); Ref Card; but no core rules. (If you own CL: East Front & CL: Expansion (both out of print now), you already own the components of this module.) 2019.

CL: Volkssturm 2nd ed. includes maps 3, 4, 5; counter sheet D; Reference Card, one scenario, but no core rules. 2019.
Solitaire American Civil War game about the Federal assault against Confederate lines at Cold Harbor in July 1864. Zip Ed. of design appearing in Panzer Digest, with rule booklet, Reference Card, color map & counters.
Combat Leader Sourcebook A
Combat Leader: Solitaire Module
Combat Leader: Ostkrieg
Combat Leader: Volkssturm 2nd ed.
Solitaire WW2 naval game using the Advanced Salvo! system. The game simulates the British attack on the French fleet docked at Mers-el-Kebir in North Africa in 1940. This is Zip Ed. of the game originally appearing in Panzer Digest, with rule booklet, small color map & counters, and Reference Card.
Breakout at St. Lo
Breakout at St Lo is a two-player, division level traditional hexagon wargame set in France, 1944, after the Normandy landings. Comes with rule booklet with rules, options, tables, and variant rules, single-color map, set of color unit counters.
Assault at Cold Harbor
Viking Fury
Battle over Europe
Great War Salvo 3rd ed.
Panzer Digest #14
Tsushima 1905 2nd ed
Tactical pre-dreadnought naval combat rules using the Battleship Captain system.  Comes with full rules, scenarios, background notes, and 330 newly revised facsimile ship counters from 11 national navies. 2019.
Action Stations: Atlantic
Torpedo Raiders Advanced Ed.
Advanced ed. of solitaire game covering torpedo bombing in WW2, with historical scenarios on Taranto, Pearl Harbor, Force Z in the Far East, Sinking of the Bismarck, and Midway. The 50-page book contains rules, charts, optional rules, five historical scenarios, five advanced scenarios, historical notes, designer's notes.  
World War 2 era Core Rules book using the Battleship Captain system, with full rules, scenarios, and dozens of black-and-white scale ship counter facsimiles from Britain, Germany, and France within the pages of the 48-page book. This book goes well with Action Stations: Convoy Set A (see right). 
This Set A Module requires ownership of ​either Action Stations: Atlantic or Battleship Captain, 3rd ed. Includes four-page rule folder (optional rules, and convoy scenarios), and 14 color uncut counter sheets (#1-4, and two copies each of #7 through #11) of ships from British, German, and French navies of WW2, along with DD, DE, frigates, corvettes, armed merchants, and merchant ships, approx. 475 ship counters overall. 
Solitaire strategic level game set in early Viking era.  This is Zip Ed. of game appearing in Panzer Digest #14.  2019.
Minden Classics Series, vol.3, with three strategy WW2 solitaire card games in one 48-page book:  Stringbag, Sniper Attack, Penal Battalion.  Games originally appeared in Panzer Digest.
Minden Classics Series, vol.1, 58-page illustrated book containing solitaire, abstract simulation of the historic 900-day WW2 siege of Leningrad.  Game originally appeared in Panzerschreck.
Siege of Leningrad
Battle of the Somme
Solitaire game simulating first day of the Somme, at tactical, man-to-man level.  This is the newest edition of game formerly called PBI: Somme, now with more rules, more men, and Advanced rules.  2019.
Somme Component Set
Physical components (map, counter sheets 1-5, markers, Ref Card, Advanced Rules folder) for Battle of the Somme.  Those owning PBI: Somme may purchase this to upgrade to current edition.  2019.
Adds extra counter sheets 6, 7, two historical platoons, two new scenarios, for Battle of the Somme2019.
Solitaire WW2 Wargames
Tsushima 1905 2nd ed. Ship Set
Set of physical ship counters containing all warships included in Tsushima 1905 2nd ed., printed on cardstock, must be cut apart.  Also includes Reference Card, and set of damage markers. 2019.
Two identical sets of three, 4"x6" color double-sided Reference Cards containing all the main Retro 5th ed. game tables in a handy format, a sheet of color game markers, plus folder containing two new Retro scenarios (no new rules).  You must own Retro to use these. 2020.  
Retro Reference Pack

Retro Reference Pack

CSR Award winning magazine

Panzerschreck #17
88-page full color 6"x9" magazine with articles, game reviews, variants, plus three issue games:  DER TAG 1916, BATTLE OVER DUNKIRK, and NAPOLEON IN ITALY 2nd ed. Also includes Retro 5th ed. extra counter sheet. Fall 2020.
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GW Salvo! 3rd Upgrade only
Great War Salvo 3rd ed. component set
Somme Extra Counters Set
Fighter Command

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94-page full color 6"x9" magazine with many game reviews, articles, and wargame variants, plus three issue games: CHARGE OF THE LIGHT BRIGADE, GUNFIGHT AT OK CORRAL, & FALL OF ROHM 2nd ed.. Our biggest and best issue yet!  Winter 2020-2021.
Panzerschreck #18 book

Panzerschreck #18
Action Stations: Convoy & Ship Set A
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